Photography Skills Workshops
Presented by Glenn Springer, TIF, RHCC, HHCC

We offer several levels of photographic skills courses designed for the beginner or intermediate shooter. All courses give you the opportunity to shoot some pictures with your camera* using the skills you've been taught.

Warning: by the end of these workshops,
you will be a better photographer!

* except the photoediting module

Are these courses for you?

These workshops are aimed at people who are relatively new to Digital photography. These are general courses, so that you can use more of the features of your camera but mostly to get you to understand the basics.

If you have a point-and-shoot camera, the only modules that make sense are the basic skills and the photo-editing sessions. The others are designed with a modern DSLR (or new mirrorless) in mind. We also run field workshops which are opportunities to get out and shoot at great venues, to put what you learned into practice.

To take better pictures, you need to get involved in the process and make some intelligent decisions. These workshops will help put you on the path to doing that. Maybe you just want to post the pictures on Facebook or a web site, maybe you want to show them to people on an iPad or computer, or maybe you want to make prints ranging from little 4x6’s up to 30x40 canvas-mount art prints. Maybe you want to wrap a picture around a bus or make a mural for the side of a building! Doesn’t matter: you bought a modern digital camera and you can do all of those things!


Are you a more advanced shooter, looking to
brush up your skills?

Let's Talk. We can tailor a course for you.





Where and When

Right here in the Highlands.

on 12 Mile Lake, right near the intersection of highways 35 and 118. It's about 10km from Minden (exactly 10km from the Tim Horton's!), 20 or 25km from Haliburton, and actually only 180km from Toronto. There's a comfortable Inn directly across the road, a B&B just down the street, you could make a great weekend out of it!

But we'll come to you, if you want. Obviously we'll have to figure out travel and accommodation costs for the instructor and have a place where we can teach, but we've run courses in hotel conference rooms, even private homes and offices! "We can work it out", as the Beatles used to sing!

These range from 3 hour workshops and field trips to a two-day session. We accept a maximum of 6 students for a session.


Workshops run on demand. You tell us when you want to attend! Because they're small classes, we'll accommodate your needs, so let us know what date you have in mind.


How do I get more information?

I'm really sorry about not just giving you my phone number and private email address, but I'm really tired of those 3am phone calls from Spokane Washington wanting to sell me SEO services for my websites, or the emails from the Nigerian Prime Minister's office who wants me to help dispose of $3 million in gold bars.

If I'm sure you're a real person and of course when I reply, you'll get all that, but for the first contact, you need to use the form. OK? I'm sure you understand.

If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them as quickly as humanly possible!



DSLR workshop
Basic Photography Skills
3-hour or 3-session
Introduction to Photoediting
Day2 followup to basic course: field workshop