Sharing your Pictures
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What do you do with all those great pictures?
Looking at them on your computer is only one of the options!

Shot in Old Montreal at dawn, this image was made by blending several images and prepared for printing on 18x24.




12 Mile Lake at sunset.This image was prepared for printing by adding a keyline, title and signature.
It's sized to print on a sheet of 18x24" paper.


What do you do with all these great pictures you’re now shooting? Today’s column is about some thoughts about what to do with all these great images!

If you’re reading these articles (you can see the whole series here), either you have a newly kindled interest in making pictures or you’ve run out of things to read in the bathroom. I’m going to go with the first thought… but now what do you do with those pictures?


In Windows 7, right click on the screen and select "personalization.
This is the window that pops up.
Click the picture to see it full size.

After selecting "desktop backgrounds", find the picture or pictures you want to appear behind your applications onscreen.
Click the picture to see it full size.

Everyone’s different, so all I can do is tell you what I do with my images:

• I look at them on my computer or other electronic device
• I share them with friends or online
• I print them

As I said in an earlier article, you can get carried away and have an archive of tens of thousands of images to store and back up and never look at, and you can have a smaller set to look at more frequently. I make a sub-set of those, pick the best ones and create a slide show that runs on my computer screen when I’m not using it.

If you’re not sure how, Google “Screensaver Slide Show”. You don’t need to download anything, it’s built into Windows and the Mac O/S. You can also set your absolute favourite image as “wallpaper” — the background picture on your computer. Again, Google is your friend.

If you have an iPad or other tablet, or a digital picture frame, it’s easy to transfer a bunch of images there for the same purpose. You’re on your own: I don’t know what kind of device you have!





Here's an image from the motorcycle training school at Humber College in Toronto where I used to work. It makes a great poster for a teenager or a motorcycle enthusiast's room.

Since I’m an older guy, I don’t have the right to teach anyone about “social media”, I have to defer to my grandkids for that! I do have a FaceBook page ( go ahead, “Like” it, whatever that means!) and I’m on Google+ (search for ‘faczen’ and “circle” me). If you’re the girl I met at the Haliburton Home Show, I’m still waiting for you to keep your promise to teach me about these media! “Twitter”, by the way, is the noise the chickadees make in the morning in the pine trees.

I share pictures online in my weekly blog ( along with what I call are my “sporadic musings and compelling images”. What can I say, I like to write! And I have a gallery at SmugMug ( for my fine art images. A lot of people use free services like Flickr or 500px (these same people still have ‘hotmail’ or AOL accounts. Just sayin’…) but professionals don’t because sometimes people “borrow” your photos without paying for them. If that’s not a problem for you, go for it.

Otherwise, try SmugMug, You'll love it! Here's a link to my site:

here’s a discount code: 16NrueyZ8KPmc . Cut and paste this code and put it in the referral field when signing up, to save $5 on your first year.



Hint: don’t share everything. Only the best ones. I share about half-a-dozen images a week, not more.







Blurb is an online vendor of photo books. Their quality is superb. What you do is download their software, then drag your pictures and text into place.

Next, you order your book or books from Blurb. Considering that you get a high quality book that you'll be proud to share, the price is reasonable.

I'm waiting for a link code to Blurb. If you're reading this, I haven't got it yet, so please come back in a day or so for the link.


In the meantime, have a look at my Blurb books here.


I print the best ones. Far fewer, maybe one or two a month! And I give them to people (not talking about my fine art images for sale!). I don’t have a fancy printer, so I take or send them to Costco or there’s a guy named Luke in Haliburton… but you can get some pretty good enlargements both places. I’m fussy, so anything that goes on my own walls or are for sale are custom printed for me by a good friend with a printer that costs more than my car (I think Luke’s got one of those too), or by a custom lab. My images are on walls in London, England, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and elsewhere.

Did you know you can make coffee-table sized books with your pictures? It’s not really cheap but they make fantastic gifts for your friends and family. There are a number of vendors, the one I use is called “Blurb”.



I spend a lot of time teaching photography, and even more time editing pictures on the computer, hopefully making them better. That’s the digital age: 40 or 50 years ago I spent the same time in a darkroom doing the same thing, but it’s not as smelly or messy anymore. I also used to walk 10 miles to school through snowstorms, uphill both ways!

The message here is that you can make outstanding pictures and share them a million different ways. I can’t tell you about them all, so look at the possibilities, and when you get stuck, ask a teenager!

Links to FACzen Photography:
We teach you how to become a better photographer. And we sell fine art images. Please check us out at the links below.


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