Did you take some great pictures?
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Did you go out to shoot the Fall Colours?
How can you "not"? Even by accident...

Dawn at St. Nora Lake, from the beach behind the Frost Centre



Did you go out to shoot the Fall Colours?

I actually did not. I did go out and shoot, in fact a record number of pictures for me – over 1000 images in one weekend – but not of the colours. Of course, I got a few: how could you not? But as I mentioned in an earlier column, photographers are weird ducks, they don’t like bright sunny days. There’s ‘way too much contrast – the difference between bright and dark areas – and I avoided those kinds of shots. So I did other things.

First, I got out at dawn. Some of my readers came with me on my “Photowalk”, and we had a great time shooting, although we later had some challenges avoiding the crowds in Algonquin Park on the weekend. We all came away with some great images. There was a great mix of people, from novice shooters to a few very experienced professionals who came up from Southern Ontario to join us.

This is Mike's boat, shot from my seat in the bow. Dass, June, Ron and Mike.



3-month old Loon chick just after sunrise on Peninsula Lake (between Huntsville and Dwight on Hwy. 60)


On the Sunday, I joined an excursion with photography guide Michael Bertelsen He has a boat set up for photographers and knows where the wildlife is! We shot loons, and were privileged to see what was likely the very first flight of a loon chick.

Check out Mike's website at http://www.algonquinparkphototours.com/. Mike runs workshops and tours to view and shoot wildlife images all over Canada and elsewhere in the world!





"Screaming Heads is a unique place, I don't know how to describe it. Giant sculptures strategically placed on hundreds of acres.


In the afternoon, I went with a friend to a place called “Screaming Heads” near Burk’s Falls north of Huntsville. The artist, Peter Camani, has a wonderfully off-the-wall creative vision. visit their website for more information

I should add that except for the Loon Excursion, the only cost for a fantastic weekend of shooting was the gas to get to the various spots!






Burk's Falls from the footbridge. Long exposure to smooth the water.




A couple of days later I took my ATV out in the woods and got a few shots. Here’s a tip for you: change the white balance on your camera to as high a number as you can (mine goes to 10,000°K). You may not be able to with a point-and-shoot but all of the DSLRs can. That turns an ordinary scene into one with warm vibrant golds, and it works in winter too! If you’re shooting RAW you don’t have to, you can change it later, but it’s great for JPEGs.

This is the kind of thing I cover in my workshops, so contact me if you want to learn more.


I warmed up this picture by changing the colour temperature. Then I masked the effect on the birch trees at the right. I shouldn't be letting you in on ALL my secrets!

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