How to Buy Pictures

People want all kinds of things! A file they can use for wallpaper on their computer, an 8x10 print, a gallery-style print on canvas, a full-sized poster, even a coffee mug with their picture on it. We want to make it really inexpensive and easy to get these things, but we have to be paid in advance. Because if you decide for some reason you don't want it, what are we going to do with your picture that we printed for you?

So here's how it works: Look through the picture galleries and tell us by the contact form below what you want. We need the picture number (it's going to look like "FAC_9999" and be under the photo) and what size or style you want. We'll email you back a Paypal invoice, where you can go and make payment using a credit card. As soon as we receive payment, we'll process the picture.

Most of our pictures are wide like the one above. That would be 8"x12" when it's printed. If it fits better as an 8x10, we'll do that. Talk to us, though!

So here are the prices:

Description Price
Digital download to use as wallpaper on your computer $2.00
8x10 or 8x12 print, depending on format $10.00
Full-sized poster (24x36) $40.00
Anything else Let's Talk

Delivery: I live up in Minden. I get the printing done in Toronto. So if we can hook up here, great. If I have to ship it to you, I have to charge you $10 for shipping. Hint: put a bunch of orders together with your buddies. I only charge once for shipping! Let's talk.