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Take better pictures of fall colours!

So many people are overwhelmed by the fall colours in Canada, the United States, and all around the world. They can't seem to capture pictures that convey the feeling of being there, though. We've written a guide to help you improve your photos, hopefully to create compelling images to enjoy and share all year round.

The Fall Colours Guide is designed for beginner or intermediate photographers. All you need is a reasonably modern digital camera: it doesn't have to be a fancy DSLR.

The guide is a 53-page PDF document, optimized for viewing on an iPad or on a computer screen. It's full of tips and techniques, and loaded with compelling photos to pique your interest and give you great ideas!

The total cost of the guide is only $2. The price of a cup of coffee.

Please enjoy the guide, and send us a link to your pictures!

Want the guide for free?

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